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Achieving through Creative Expression

Attune Music Therapy provides high quality, evidence-based Music Therapy services that integrate with, and enhance the standard model of care offered to individuals with neurodisability and acquired brain injury.  It is the missing piece of the jigsaw for you and your organisation to find innovative ways to help individuals achieve outcomes through an enjoyable and motivating experience that draws on the intrinsic human response to music and the science of music and the brain.

Integrated therapeutic services


Music Therapy completes and enhances the standard model of care offered to neurodisability and acquired brain injury clients:

1.  It provides psychological rehabilitation and emotional wellbeing.

2.  It supports physical functioning, complementing standard physiotherapy.

3.  It supports communication and can be used even where speech is severely impaired and with disorders of consciousness, augmenting and complementing standard speech and language therapy.

4.  It supports rehabilitation of cognitive skills and behaviours, complementing standard occupational therapy.


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Music Therapy is an HCPC-regulated profession. Practising Music Therapists have a high level of musical and psychological training delivered through a small number of Masters-degree level training programmes.