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Achieving through Creative Expression

Music and sound are all around us, from our earliest experiences in the womb to the popular music culture of today.  Music evokes emotional responses, takes us back to time and place, causes us to tap our foot without thinking and allows us to communicate with and without the need for words.

Music Therapy can help some of the most vulnerable people in our society achieve meaningful goals, however small.  Music Therapists work with both individuals and groups with many diverse challenges in their life, including Autism and Learning Disabilities, Mental Health needs, End of Life Care and Bereavement, Neurodisability and Brain Injury, Emotional and Behavioural Difficulties and Dementia. 


Attune Music Therapy specialises in working with people who have a neurodisability, this may be as a result of an acquired brain injury or neurological disease.  There is no need for any prior musical ability or formal training.  We work with clients of all ages and all levels of (dis)ability.  

How to refer someone to Music Therapy.

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