Music Therapy sessions are funded through a variety of means depending on individual and organisational circumstances:


Private organisations (rehabilitation units or care providers), or statutory authorities (education, health or social care) can commission Attune Music Therapy to deliver Music Therapy sessions for individuals or groups of individuals.


Clients or their families can self-fund Music Therapy sessions, making choices about how to spend their own financial resources or benefits.

Case Managers and Solicitors:

Attune Music Therapy works directly with case managers and solicitors to incorporate Music Therapy into the package of care for an individual as part of personal injury or medical negligence claims.

Charitable organisations and grants:

Attune Music Therapy provides cost estimates and resources to support charities in applying for grants to enable Music Therapy programmes to be delivered for individuals or groups.

Individuals may be able to apply for funding for Music Therapy through certain charities.  Specifically, Jessie’s Fund and Thomas’ Fund.

Attune Music Therapy Funds

Attune Music Therapy is a Social Enterprise Company.  Profits will be re-invested into activities that deliver social benefit to clients and society as a whole.  In the future, it is anticipated that funds will be available to allow the ‘free’  or ‘reduced cost’ provision of Music Therapy for a small number of clients each year.