Music has no boundaries, speaks the language of the world, so I commend it as a vital part of therapy.” Registered Mental Health Nurse

“If this institution [music therapy] is created in this company it will be good because it enlightens people’s spirit and brings out the reality in each individual either actively or passively.” Nursing Staff

“It works on the outside and on the inside” Client

“There are many more clients I feel would benefit from individual/or group sessions.  More time for the unit would be great!” Care Staff

“I would recommend it you get frustrations out and no-one takes the p_ss.” Client

“Individuals involved varied greatly….but all benefitted from music therapy input in terms of affect and presentation post session.” Registered Mental Health Nurse

“…it took me back a lot of years and also got me to remember a lot of good events” Client

“The music therapy group became part of the culture of the unit for those who attended regularly.  It provided orientation and purpose and….was the catalyst for the development of meaningful friendships.” Head of Occupational Therapy

“The benefits of music therapy intervention has been evident both on an individual and group level.  I not only see the need for the further group work, but also feel that music therapy could be employed with individuals on the unit to promote further expression and growth.” Head of Occupational Therapy

“I thoroughly enjoyed the entire experience and really enjoyed it every week and it was lovely” Client

“I have learnt to sit back and listen more intently to the unspoken word and action.” Therapy professsional

“Thanks very much for supporting our residents .  It is a shame we have to lose you, you will surely be missed by all of us”  Head of Music Therapy,  XX Care Group

“Improved  confidence, self awareness, self expression, cohesion, group and individual co-ordination, empathy.” Support Worker

“It allows individuals the opportunity to express feelings in a way that is creative and not in the usual forum which some may find difficult.” Support Worker